Mike is a graduate of the California Healing Arts College’s Personal Training Program and has his Certified Personal Trainer Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Using the NASM Optimal Performance Training (OPT) model as his foundation, Mike will create a customized program that will fit your needs and goals.  Mike has also continued his education by completing NASM’s Senior Fitness Specialist Program.  This has allowed Mike to better cater to the needs of our aging population!  Mike’s passion for Pilates led him to enroll in the world renown Body Arts and Sciences International’s Comprehensive Teacher Training Course.  Started by the creative and passionate Rael Isacowitz, Body Arts and Sciences International is a Teacher Training Academy that stays true to the founding principles of Pilates while at the same time presenting new and innovative Pilates-style exercises.  In late 2013, Mike attended BASI’s Promoting Healthy Aging with Pilates seminar to better serve the Baby Boomer Generation utilizing the Pilates Method.  Mike uses the BASI’s Block System to organize a program that fits exactly what you need to achieve you goals!